The Woman Behind The Brand — Bree Carroll

Rising entrepreneur Bree Carroll sat down for an exclusive cover story with Amazon’s best selling magazine, Fashion Gxd Magazine.

This issue we sat down with the CEO of B Carroll Events, LLC, Bree Caroll. In which, was established May of 2016. Bree uniquely addresses marriage coaching and relationship building with a relatable, fun and high energy approach. She is a natural connector and seamlessly weaving messages and themes in with her voice to ensure that the intended audience can connect the dots and are moved to act. Her podcast, Hearts & Stripes, which was launched in 2019 is a fresh perspective on celebrating marriage and is welcomed by her military and civilian listeners. As a thought leader and influencer, here are a few ways your brand can partner with Bree to make a lasting impact. Take a look at our exclusive interview with the rising CEO.

FGM: Its an honor to sit down with you all. Tell us a little about your brand and how you’ve come to this vastly successful peek in your career .

Answer: Thank you for having me! I was inspired by weddings and events at an early age. My mom was a school teacher and ran her own floral business. I was her little helper and vividly remember the joy she brought other through floral and creating events. I knew I’d do events somewhere along my path. As a military spouse I saw the benefit in entrepreneurship so I started B Carroll Events, LLC in May of 2016. I’ve had the opportunity to plan events internationally. Today I focus on event production and have been creating for my military community with events like GY6 virtual fashion show and Military Marriage Day.

FGM: Who are the clients/what are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

Answer: I believe that events create opportunities for people to experience defining moments! My favorite projects are collaborations with brands that allow be to take their story and turn it into an experience virtually or in person. I’m all about the meaning and the message so I look for events that I believe in so I can authentically create and produce those memorable moments.

FGM: How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

Answer: As the 2020–2021 Air Force Spouse of the Year I was given a platform and opportunity advocate on behalf of my military spouses. I don’t take that lightly. I’m making a difference by shining the light on their issues and highlighting veteran and spouse owned businesses, which is a huge component of our GY6 show. My primary focus with the title has been on strengthening military marriages. I do this through my podcast Hearts & Stripes and as the Military Marriage Coach. When our marriages are strong our communities are strong, our businesses are strong, our Armed Forces are strong and our nation is strong.

FGM: Tell us about a time when you showed determination to continue as an entrepreneur

Answer: Can we collectively just agree that 2020 came for everyone’s life! Being in the event industry our world was rocked and we were forced to band together and figure it out. With everything shut down I had to keep clients calm and act confidently even though uncertainty was felt everywhere. This was an opportunity to get even more intentional about my work and what I wanted to focus my energy on. I’m grateful to 2020 because each trial brings clarity, builds character and makes us better.

FGM: Give me the three best qualities of your brand

Answer: We care about the why. We transform. We encourage next level thinking.

FGM: Give me an example of when you worked irregular hours?

Answer: Everyday! With a civil engineering background I work for the Air Force by day and by night I’m my own boss. People tend to shy away from sharing their 9–5, but I’m proud of the skills I get to transfer from one area of business to another. I’m a problem solver at heart and this shows up when I have my engineering hat on from 7:30 AM — 4:30 PM to when I put on my event producer and designer hat from 7 PM — until. I prioritize family and rest, delegate and at times sacrifice to see the end result I’m reaching for in life and business

FGM: Being a entrepreneur is a 24/7job, how did you get ready for that?

Answer: I watched my parents work hard to provide opportunities for me. I’m grateful for the foundation they laid and I felt responsible to do it better, working smarter and not necessarily harder. I get to enjoy my work and contribute to the legacy my family is building.

FGM: How did you acquire the ability to work under pressure to beat meet deadlines as a entrepreneur ?

Answer: I’ve had so many teachers. Growing up in Jersey taught me street smarts and not to be afraid to hear “no”. NC A&T SU instilled a pride in me that pushes me to show up and exceed expectations. Being a military spouse has taught me resiliency and how to be flexible. These are amazing breeding grounds for entrepreneurs.

FGM: What is your favorite inspirational point, place, to develop new brand developments?

Answer: I take from my surroundings. Taking a walk outside, traveling to new places, music, fashion or even simple moments with my kids. Inspiration is everywhere.

FGM: Which current public figure, are you inspired by or appreciate the most?

Answer: I’d have to say Michelle Obama, hands down. I love the Obama’s as a couple showing what the fruit of a strong marriage looks like, and how they are individually brilliant. Our former First Lady continues to let her purpose evolve, she speaks out about imposter syndrome and her life’s work continues to serve other. Her example, to me as a black woman, has been tremendous and inspiring. A poised leader and fashion mogul! I mean…It doesn’t get better than that.

How do you handle stress?

Answer: My husband helps me tremendously with this because I can be transparent and say I use to regularly take on more than I should. He’d see when I needed a break and reminds me to unplug and focus on what’s important. I’m better at finding this harmony, but still appreciate how he looks out for me. I think we add stress to our lives based on the stories we tell ourselves and the expectations we put on ourselves. Reframing that stress and weeding out the stuff that matters and the things that don’t definitely helps. In a more practical sense, I’m grabbing a smoothie, watch a movie, dance around the house with my kids or listen to a podcast. All help give me new perspective.

FGM: What are the three qualities you feel an entrepreneur must have?

Answer: An entrepreneur must have integrity, humility and resilience.

FGM: Where do you see your business in 10 years? How do you plan to get there?

Answer: In 10 years I see myself doing more speaking and coaching. The event side of things I’d love to see as a family venture. We are planning what that looks now. To prepare I’m shoring up my processes and posturing to hire more members to my team. I want sustainable growth. I want a 7 figure business. Most of all I want to leave a legacy for my children and my children’s children.

FGM: It was a pleasure speaking with you thank you for joining us

Answer: Thank you so much for having me! I so appreciate all that you do. Keep shining!

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