The Anticipation of “The Purple Print” with International Spiritual Journalist , Madison Jaye

The Madison Jaye Show season 3 #ThePurplePrint : Within the last year God has sent international journalist , Madison Jaye to five different countries, to heal pains of past lives . Summer 2017, she almost died. After releasing the finale of her podcast “Purple Season”. She was hospitalized from what described “felt like a heart attack”. Dealing with the pressures of life, public humiliation, fear, and deep heartbreak . She was admitted to hospital from what she would soon come to realize was an-anxiety attack. After X-rays the doctors informed her, if she continued, she’d be at risk for a heart attack by the end of the year. On a new journey of discovery the famed — award winning journalist gives me the scoop on her new “The Purple Print “ season that’s shortly approaching .

When did you deiced to choose love ?
In that moment, I decided to choose myself, to love my organic self more than I’d ever loved any other being. Winter of 2017 was a very dark and depressing road for me. I realized while I loved everyone around me for who they are, everyone around me wanted to change me to fit their mold. .

You speak on choosing yourself ? Tell us about that journey ?Choosing myself, I learned having my heart ripped from my chest turned out to be a great blessing for my career. Now walking in my divine happiness, I understand why these pain where needed. Pain is only here to fuel us to become who we are destined to be, it takes the people you love the most to hurt you to pull that fuel out.
How did I heal? How did you get out of depression ? What spiritual tools have helped me evolve ?

You’ll Just have to find out Buckle up there’s turbulence on this ride. The Purple Print of the Madison Jaye Show is In production. SUMMER 2018 .

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