Seven Favorite Items From The World’s favorite Seven Year Old , River Mason Eromosele

By now we all are well acquainted with the adorable seven year old taking over the internet. River Mason Eromosele, is on every blog , television screen , magazine cover , runway, print ad campaigns and literally on tons of billboards in Time Square…THE MECCA OF FASHION . The towering toddler is not only the son of famed wardrobe stylist , Pilar Scratch , that alone I’m gasping for air . I love me some, daily dose of Pilar Scratch. River’s aunt is
radio personality Madison Jaye seen on WBLS ,Hot 97, & Siris XM and he is the great-nephew of hip hop legend , Rah Digga . I know , I know , talk about
gentetics of an icon in the making . I caught up with the social savvy model to find out his favorite seven items of all time
Take a look into the world of the first graders seven favorite go two items of 2018.

photos by Hailey Photography
  1. What is your favorite after school snack ?
    “Junkless Granola Bars and chocolate milk “
    Now we know River Mason Eromosele , did an exceptional job on his print ad Campaign with the healthy after school snack ..but he really enjoys them.
    Let me run to Wholefoods and stock up on them.

2) What is your Favortie superhero?
“River Mason Eromosele : Green lantern …Hands Down!”

3) You’re a little celebrity now. What is the Coolest gift youve ever recieved ?
“River Mason Eromosele : My Bixbee Backpack — It looks like caption America. I really like it.”

4) What is your favorite sneaker ?
“River Mason Eromosele : I like Deezys Footwear because they make me run really fast.”
We saw River’s Billboard across from the Barcleys for Deezy’s Footwear …. It was legendary.

5) What is you go to playhouse ?
“River Mason Eromosele : I really like IplayAmerica . My mommy had my seventh birthday there. “

Vysyn Photos for LWL Magazine

6) What is your favorite car?
“River Mason Eromosele : My bicycle of course ..”

7) What is your favorite movie ?
“River Mason Eromosele : Black Panther , I saw the movie three times , twice with my mom and once with my dad .…Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan & River Mason Eromosele both share the same hometown …Newark, New Jersey. It has to be some magic in the water.

There you have it !! Perhaps we will go get these items and some of River Mason Eromosele’s success will rub off on us.
We are all excited to see what’s in store for the excepional tot . Keep up with River’s social media pages:
Instagram: @RiverMason_ and Facebook Page : River Mason Eromosele .

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