Scotty Too Fly — The New Jersey Mogul Up Close & Personal

Celebrity buzzing with the man behind the multi-million dollar industry

karen warren
4 min readFeb 23, 2021

“Scotty too fly.” I am my brand; People know me throughout my work as an event coordinator, fashion icon, A&R radio personality, etc. I started building the brand with my brother Dupie Fresh “Packmandupe”. Marketing myself as a brand name. My mentor Stragg Life Trav manager and A&R of Stagg Records. Taught me everything from learning how to Coordinate Events and Networking with artists. Cruch Calhoun, a former manager, gave me the nickname of Scotty too fly and I just ran with it. That led to me wanting to make a name for myself. I wanted to put myself in positions where the people around me motivated me to do better.

KW: Who are the clients/what are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

Answer:Clients: Lester London, Cruch Calhoun, Dougie F, Coi Leray, Chad B, PineApple Citi, J. Stone, Tsu Surf, The Hoodies, Rah Swish, Bru Heff, Elijah The Boy, Chase Fetti, King Rvco, Bez Tarantino, 7even7ins etc.

My most favorite projects I enjoy doing interviews and media work.

Mainly because I can feed off of the artist’s presence and energy, it creates a good working vibe.

KW: How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

Answer:I feel that I have made a difference in the world by helping Upcoming Artists. Building genuine relationships, even some friendships with them. I want them to become successful.

KW: Tell us about a time when you showed determination to continue as an entrepreneur

Answer:My last job was working in a restaurant. I got tired of washing dishes. I realized that I didn’t want to work for another corporation.

KW: Give me the three best qualities of your brand

Answer:Dedication, Hussle, Motivation

KW: Give me an example of when you worked irregular hours?

Answer:Most of the time my schedule is on call.

KW: Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job, how did you get ready for that?

Answer:Whenever I get a phone call, I know it’s time to get to work.

KW: How did you acquire the ability to work under pressure to beat meet deadlines as an entrepreneur?

Answer:As an entrepreneur working under pressure is a daily task. I ended up adapting to it. Mainly from my first experience, Lester London was doing a show for BET music, and they had called him to perform at SOB’s, I had to make sure everything was perfect before he went onto the stage. The pressure was on he was counting on me.

KW: What is your favorite inspirational point, place, to develop new brand developments?

Answer:Being in the vibes of recording studios or at home with no distractions are the places that I gather my thoughts and inspiration.

KW: Which current public figure, are you inspired by or appreciate the most?

Answer:Respectfully, Dj Drewski.

KW: How do you handle stress ?

Answer:I smoke Marijuana to calm my nerves.

KW: What are the three qualities you feel an entrepreneur must have ?

Answer: Network, Build professional relationships, An LLC

KW: Where do you see your business in 10 years? How do you plan to get there?

Answer:In 10 years, I see Scotty too Fly being a household name, Expanding more into helping build record labels and getting more artists signed. I want to give back to the community to those that are going through similar situations that I can relate to. Lastly, having enough knowledge to help other individuals that want to learn how to become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses.

I plan on getting there with the help of my manager and girlfriend Cali. Ultimately, I see myself building more success and staying creative. I plan to have my own clothing store, as well as provide the homeless with housing.