Los Angels Real Estate Agent, Brittany Fitts, Inspiring Moms Everywhere To Pursue Their Dreams

Brittany Fitts , Mom of Journei , and inspiring mogul takes on Real Estate with daughter Jojo in toe

I talk on a vast quantity of inspiring mothers , Pilar Scratch , Tarren Tute ,Kinyetta Gray and now Brittany Fitts. There is nothing comparable to a super mom walking in her purpose.

Based in California rising serial entrepreneur Brittany Fitts is now inspiring the digital masses. She is the CEO of Momme with her daughter Jojo. An innovative clothing brand fr mothers and their mini me’s. Brittany is no taking on real estate in the fast paced California .


She shows luxury multi-million dollar homes and she does it very fashionable. With her daughter in toe , Brittany is not only n innovator but a vast inspiration to all mom whom aspire to juggle being a mom and working. Follow Brittany and her fabulous journey below .

About Brittany : Brittany Fitts, The Clinkscale Group

Brittany strives to provide her clients with the comfort and dependability that she wishes she had when making the BIG MOVE from New Jersey to sunny Los Angeles. She understands the importance of strong communication and accessibility when working with clients and prides herself on providing just that. Years of social media and digital marketing experience allows Brittany the tools to reach large audiences, create captivating marketing content and share useful information.

Brittany has plans to bring her real estate career full circle by investing in areas of her hometown, as well as providing education and guidance to those who have a desire to own homes. Her passion comes from her desire to help rebuild financial stability and provide improved living conditions from neighborhoods like her hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

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