Laurinda Andujar Shero Behind She Blinked , LLC & Heal the City Inc

Getting to know the powerful woman that is healing the world , Laurinda Andujar.

Laurinda Andujar CEO of She Blinked , LLC & Heal In The City

Laurinda Andujar, Author/ Entrepreneur is a Florida native and the founder of SheBlinked LLC and Heal the City Inc. Laurinda is the middle child of four, and being that middle child is what gave her a competitive edge and the desire to stand out. She states when you are in the middle you are neither first nor last, you're just there. Being just there was not something that Laurinda wanted to get used to. Laurinda is the mother of 3 boys and one angel. Laurinda has a passion for music and poetry and has written well over 300 poems and songs. Laurinda was heavily influenced by Maya Angelou and Bo Didley, which she met both during her high school years. She even was presented the opportunity to record with Bo Didley but ultimately declined. None-the-less poetry and music provided the means of escape that Laurinda so desperately longed for. She has coined herself a survivor as she has battled with depression, low self worth and a myriad of other issues and attempted suicide on numerous occasions.These challenges drove her desire to want to see others healthy and whole.

Laurinda believes it is her social responsibility to give back. She has been afforded multiple opportunities to do so. Whether it was speaking to a group of college students at Barry College, serving as a panelist for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, moderating a discussion for the National Diversity Council or going on mission trips to South America, Laurinda has always loved to do her part to leave the world better than she found it. Laurinda launched the Heal the City campaign to do just that.

The organization tackles tough topics such as domestic violence, rape, molestation, Childhood trauma, grief, addiction and more, in an effort to “Heal the world, one city at a time. Laurinda is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist as well as a Corporate Trainer by trade. She is a Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker/ Coach, a former Toastmaster and is Achieve Global Certified. Laurinda has attended the Powerful Presentation Skills course at the NSU Executive Education Center and earned her White Belt in the Lean Six Sigma Certification. Laurinda has mentored thousands of people inside and outside of her organization. She has over 27 years in leadership roles. She has earned various certifications as a lifelong learner and is working towards a BA in Business with an emphasis on Transformation and Leadership.

IG: @I_AM_Laurinda_Andujar &

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