Kiing Spiider Says “Content Is King”

Byron Sterling Jr. aka Kiing Spiider a Parkour Free Runner rose to stardom from his acrobatic stunts throughout the New York City streets. His iconic look is easily seen because of his Spider-Man costume in which he adds his creative fancy flare.

Entertainment in the New York City subway train stations was always popularized and glorified as the highlight of your next destination. Now the masked Spider- Man is changing the way urban youth perceive superheroes or public figures. He is caught doing the most unbelievable stunts you will ever see on the internet. Many social sites and TV networks covered Kiing Spiider’s socially viral journey through the subway to over a 67Million impressions on Facebook and his Instagram page. Kiing Spiider used the growth of his platform to leverage commercial ads and social media campaigns for local NYC stores alongside popular influencers; while sharing his parkour free running tricks throughout the skits.

If you ever noticed in the streets of New York City and spotted a man wearing a Spider-Man costume then you have come across the viral sensation “Kiing Spiider” aka real-life Spider-Man of New York City. Content is king for all social media influencers and public figures and Kiing Spiider was cast for numerous music videos which is truly the norm for social awareness for any brand.

Kiing Spiider is prominent for his courage to climb very high such as over 20–50 feet, jumping from train track to train track, and flipping around Times Square showcasing his agility.

Nonetheless, he gained inspiration from martial arts actor Jackie Chan. Kiing Spiider has increased his talent every year and is not the urban leader of Parkour Free Running a mixed acrobatic sport for speed.

Kiing Spiider is making his name as hip hop’s first true stuntman.



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