Twin Sisters From Newark New Jersey Both Get Accepted Into Harvard Business School (Online)Pilar Scratch & Madison Jaye

Madison Jaye & Pilar Scratch on the red carpet for HBO Latino

The identical twin sisters have been taken over the entertainment industry for years. Now the twin moguls are both were accepted and will be attending Harvard Business School this fall.

Pilar Scratch & Madison Jaye are two public figures straight out of the brick city. The genetics of fame and working in the entertainment industry are dominate. As the twins are the nieces of Newark Legend , Rah Digga.

At the youthful age of 28 years old their accomplishments are vast. Pilar Scratch is a famed wardrobe stylist , television personality , author , and Editor in Chief of her editorial , Fashion Gxd Magazine. All while being a momager to her son, River Mason Eromosele a famed actor and model. Madison Jaye the eldest twin is an international spiritual journalist . Her self titled podcast “The Madison Jaye Show” is hosted on Iheart Radio and Pandora. The girl have worked with celebrities from Beyonce , Fatman Scoop , Amara La Negra , and the list goes on.

Pilar Scratch and Madison Jaye Front row at New York Fashion Week for Macy’s

This summer both women received the surprise of their life, they both applied and got accepted into Harvard Business School (Online) being the second in their family to be accepted into ivy league school. Both women have overcame a vast quantity of trials and tribulations to add Harvard to their list of accomplishments and education is inspiring .

Pilar Scratch and Madison Jaye at Ty Hunter and SG Consulting show fro NYFW

Keep making New Jersey proud ladies .

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