How Supermodel AnnaSoSwede Became Famous During The Covid Pandemic

An exclusive look at the rise of a international playboy model, AnnaSoSwede. The Sweden native has taken over the big apple in a big way.

Born and raised in the countryside of Sweden, Anna moved away from home at 17 and have since lived in 6 countries, has three degrees and started her career in the non for profit sector doing events for United Nations, various world leaders and political organizations. A few years later she ventured into hospitality and hotels and currently holds a Director of Sales title at NYC first boutique hotel, Hotel on Rivington. As if a 24/7 type of job wasn’t enough, she also models and creates for Playboy. Follow Anna @AnnaSoSwede &

What is the inspiration behind becoming an influencer? I went viral during Covid — by accident. I was doing my little dance at Mr Jones in Miami and in less than 24 hours, the clip hit 5 million views. After that I figured why the heck not, let me influence you baby!

When did you first know you wanted to become creative and what was the point that really made you go for it? I’ve always loved creating. I used to write for Global Citizen and it was the first time that my own creations reached millions. As crazy as it was to see the reactions and read the responses, it also gives you a kick when you do. Same thing with social media — it’s a blessing to have really dope and open followers that I don’t even know, support you on a distance and feel inspired by you just being you.

What’s the best and what’s the hardest part about finding your passion? I’d say finding a job that you love so much that it’s basically also your hobby, your social life and your bread and butter can be hard to balance with the rest of life such as family and dating. Once you figure that balance out, your passion gets to flourish along with you but it’s always hard to figure out what it is you love, knowing that you need to survive at the same time and the two doesn’t always go hand in hand.

What are some of your biggest fears that you faced when started in the entertainment industry? It’s not so much of a fear but I hate the way society stigmatizes women who are successful and smart but also enjoy the blessing of feeling sexy and attractive as if you can’t do both. I dress as if I’m going to a gala or event almost every day and as much as that might be celebrated in NYC, it’s talked about somewhere else. I don’t fear judgement but I hate that judgement is still such a big issue in both hospitality as well as in the modeling industry.

Where do you go or what do you do for inspiration when working on a new project? I love talking to other creative people and attend events that they’ve created. I know so many inspirational people and I am so blessed to have them around to inspire me to be even greater!

What advice can you give to aspiring artists? Just do it. Don’t think about negative things others may think of you because one thing is sure — everything is temporary in people’s minds but your development is forever. Go to that event, meet that stranger, take the trip, own the room. Do you so unapologetically that they’ll never forget who you are!

Thank you for sitting with us with any final thoughts? Be kind to yourself and others. Love hard, love loud and love yourself, every damn day.



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