Getting To Know Media Personality Amber Le

Amber Le is a media personality and domestic violence advocate based in New Jersey

Amber Le is a media personality and domestic violence advocate. She is currently the Sports Editor at We Are Jersey Magazine along with running the public relations department. After spending nearly a decade working in broadcasting and radio for various brands, Amber went to create her own company, a domestic violence program and a healing media platform, “The Goddess Gang” is a lifestyle brand that promotes self love, women empowerment and mental health awareness.

Social Media: Instagram: @madeinvietnam__ / Twitter: @madeinvietnam__ TikTok: @madeinvietnam__ / Facebook: Amber Le

“It’s about how well you connect with a person’s heart, trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.”

She is currently executive assistant to Power 105’s DJ Suss One and Editor In Chief of The Feature Presentation in addition to operating her own business. Her hustle comes from witnessing her family struggling to give her whatever she wanted along with many years of bartending. Behind the bar, slanging bottles and throwing back shots was the bread and butter that paid her bills while also allowing her to invest into her business, therefore birthing the non-profit organization that she dubbed “The Goddess Gang.” She is now heavily involved in advocating for women empowerment and mental health all across the board.

“Don’t let anybody knock your hustle. Get to the bag so you can level up! Never depend on anyone else to give you what you want, they don’t have the vision you have.”

While she started out with dreams of becoming a broadcaster for NFL Network, her abusive relationship took a toll on her career while climbing the ranks. She was currently interning for NFL Radio as a production assistant. During that time, she’s endured mental and physical abuse that altered the perception of her career. Throughout the process of healing, Le finally figured out how to morph her passions into one, her love for music and media, her mission for women empowerment and mental health awareness and her advocacy against domestic violence and sexual abuse. The Goddess Gang is where media meets spiritual healing.



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