Get Ready For The P.H.D Brand In Fashion Gxd Magazine Five Year Anniversary with Musiq SoulChild

The innovate brand , The P.H.D Brand, is inspiring the masses in this forthcoming issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine

The wait is over. The P.H.D Brand is the excited to announce they are featured in the Spring 2020 edition issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine. Want to know the keys to national success? Want to know her balance between career and working a nine-to-five? Want to know how to become a successful national entrepreneur? This issue rediscovers The P.H.D Brand.

The P.H.D brand represents a community of everyday hustlers who understand that with PRAYER + HUSTLE whatever they set our sights on they will DOMINATE, earning that P.H.D.

Take a look at the exclusive feature in the Spring Print issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine.

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