Get Ready For Jess Mi Boutique For Fashion Gxd Magazine Covering Mariah Lynn of Love & Hip Hop NYC

The innovate brand , Jess Mi Boutique , is inspiring the masses in this forthcoming issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine

“Jess Mi Boutique has defeated all odds and is now triumphing in success . Get ready, she has commenced a new epidemic.”

Jess Mi is based in Tacoma/Seattle, Washington. Opened in July of 2017, Jess Mi strives to create a classy yet sexy style of clothing to match a woman’s natural curves; not to mention super affordable. We offer dresses, jumpsuits, and other beautifully unique items. We specialize in great customer service to give you the best shopping experience you can get whether you’re buying things to level up your wardrobe or you’re shopping for a special event.

A legacy at best. Rising from the ashes, she has risen like the victorious phoenix and is now branching off. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Nonetheless , she’s conquered it. Check Jess Mi Boutique’s inspiring story in the next issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine.

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