Get Ready For GMG Generation In Fashion Gxd Magazine Five Year Anniversary with Musiq SoulChild

The innovate brand, GMG Genertion, is inspiring the masses in this forthcoming issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine

The wait is over. GMG Genertion, is the excited to announce they are featured in the Spring 2020 edition issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine. Want to know the keys to national success? Want to know her balance between career and working a nine-to-five? Want to know how to become a successful national entrepreneur? This issue rediscovers, GMG Genertion. Here’s a sneak peak at the exclusive interview GMG Generation gave to Fashion Gxd Magazine.

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FGM: Its an honor to sit down with you all .Tell us a little about your brand and how you’ve come to this vastly successful peek in your career .

Answer: The brand was created in 2008 I wanted to build generational wealth and create better living conditions for my family so i kept creating believed and stayed consistent to the grind.

FGM: Who are the clients/what are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

Answer: The clients are from anywhere from mid 20s to 45 years old woman and men. I enjoy bringing the whole fashion world to another level in my city seeing the looks on people faces from the style to the quality so ill say designing i love the podcast show also @brinkspodcast cause i get to share knowledge and connect with people around the world

FGM: How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

Answer: I feel i make a difference because i give back to the community visit schools to connect with kids. I’ve donated play-station 4s to student with the highest TSA test scores just a lot of things positive for community and the youth.

Take a look at the exclusive feature in the Spring Print issue

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