Get Ready Cynthia Knox is Taking over Fashion Gxd Magazine One Page At A Time

Whats one brand that a determined foodie cannot live without ? I’ll tell you ;Cakes by Cynthia .

The Queen of Cakes , Cynthia Knox . Cynthia is a successful CEO for Maryland . In 2005, Cakes by Cynthia was an official business. She went through many trails and tribulations to achieve the success she now has. It wasn’t an easy “CAKE WALK”, but she operated her business in three retail stores before moving into her current location in Arbutus, MD.

With the vastly exciting news of being apart of this forthcoming issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine , Cynthia Knox is rising in her innovate empire . Check Cynthia out in the next issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine. Shop Cakes by Cynthia

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