Four Amazing Artist That Released New Music By The Closing of 2022

Music is therapy to say the least. This year we’ve all listened to some amazing innovators tell and translate their stories through song. There’s nothing more superior than emerging artists and listening to their takes on music. Here’s four diverse artists that had phenomenal tunes that we enjoyed for the closing of 2022.

#1) G Milano X Ashlee — Get Away

Social: @gmilanomusic & @ashlitaaaa

Song: “Get Away”


“This is a record with Rnb singer Ashlee ft myself. This is an Rnb record with an amazing breakdown. It was produced by Joe Lindsay( Long Island native).I co-wrote this song with Ashlee. We sampled one of my original songs and turned it into a new record. She’s a really dope artist who had 9 million streams on Spotify this past year. She’s from Long Island and I’m from Brooklyn. We have other records together and I think we have really great musical chemistry. I’m excited for the world to hear what we’ve been cooking up. “ — G Milano

#2) Chantae Vetrice


Song: “ Wave Check”


“Wave Check” is all about being on your own wave while others are trying to emulate but can’t. It’s about originality.” Chantae Vetrice

#3) Thats So Mariana

Social: @ThatsSoMariana

Song: “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”


“For “We wish you a merry Christmas” That’s So Mariana is quarter Liberian so her music is usually tapped into the Afro beats/dancehall genre. Her song is “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” with her own spin on it.”


#4) Ciph Boogie

Social: @CiphBoogie24



“The song starts with a playful yet mysterious set of instruments that does a great job of setting the tone and introducing new elements throughout the song. Keeping you on the edge of your chair and actively listening. When the choir appears during the first chorus, it pulls us deeper into this small world of mystery. Which helps push us toward the second half of the song. There is a slight hiccup with the producer’s beat tag, but other than that, the only difference would be that the choir comes in at the end, leaving me wanting more of this story that has yet to finish.” — Ciph Boogie



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