Five Tips To Running a Successful Business with Alexandria Jeffrey

Empress Locs & Braids CEO Alexandria Jeffrey gives her key tips on success and her rise to it.

Alexandria Jeffrey’s CEO Empress Locs & Braids

“We ain’t come to PLAY, we came to SLAY!”

is the companies mantra. Empress Locs specializes in Loc, Braids and Crotchets Goal- Helping others find self confidence through the maintenance of their crowns. We sit down with the CEO behind the brand for exclusive advice on how to make a brand in the hair business . Take a look at the exclusive tips below.

Tip One ) Always stay true to yourself- Never ever forget where you came from or how hard you worked to get where you are at this current moment.

Tip two ) Stay Positive- There are many days I feel like quitting, but I know I can’t. Too many people depend on me as to myself. Without positivity, brings chaos. When you have chaos, you can’t move forward.

Tip Three )Patience- Being an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. There are steps that needs to be executed before you can make it to the next level or even the goal that you may have in mind. Patience is KEY.

Tip Four )Build your brand/name- This gives you constant credibility in anything that you wish to accomplish.

Tip 5 ) Build a relationship with the ones that support you. This includes keeping an open mind to new and challenging experiences.

Be sure to obtain Alexandria’s cover feature on Fashion Gxd Magazine releasing July 21st.

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