The voice of a goddess

Tina Yao is bidding farewell with her new song “Despedida”! The track is a light and airy summertime tune perfect for any party or get together. The Filipina singer celebrates her country’s Independence Day on June 12, 2022 with the release of her new single where she dug into her roots, spending a month in her motherland before returning to the States with a new perspective on life.

Her silky vocals complement the melodic beat, making it smooth, seductive, and sultry as she sings “take care of yourself.” The song is relevant to anybody who has loved ones living in a different region.

Within her verses, she discusses the thrill of seeing them as well as saying goodbye in hopes of seeing one another soon as she serenades her listeners through their headphones and speakers. She delivers the message beautifully as the lyrics emphasize enjoying the time spent together and celebrating the person and their presence, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or family oriented.

Tina Yao is a vocalist and songwriter from Yonkers, New York, who draws on her Filipino heritage and growing up in a multiracial environment for inspiration. She’s been influenced by a slew of artists including Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, and Beyonce as well as musical genres such as hip hop, pop, and R&B creating a melting pot of talent and creativity.



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