Erin White CEO Of Thomas Therapeutic is Taking over Fashion Gxd Magazine For The Special Edition Featuring Mariah Lynn

Whats one brand that a determined skin care expert cannot live without ? I’ll tell you ; Thomas Therapeutic .

Erin White is an entrepreneur. She makes and sells skincare products. Thomas Therapeutics's target audience includes those of us with sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin, and, most of all, delicate skin. Erin makes soaps to treat eczema and psoriasis. Erin makes formulations for Rosacea and Malassezia. As she meets people with different skin conditions, she then creates products for those exact conditions.

With the vastly exciting news of being apart of this forthcoming issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine , Erin White is rising in her innovate empire . Check Erin out in the next issue of Fashion Gxd Magazine.

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