Breakout Star, Chef Lexis Gonzalez, Of The Food Network “Chopped! Sweets”

karen warren
2 min readOct 6, 2022

The breakout star’s rise to fame and success has been an admirable journey

Growing up in Harlem, Chef Lexis always had a vast passion for food and the culinary world. As the budding chef attended parities in her adolescence she would eagerly anticipate the arrival of the cakes merely to observe the diverse fillings inside the pastry. This commenced her immense zeal for baking, cooking, and overall the culinary industry. Marinated in a family that had generational cooks, Chef Lex’s love for cooking was inevitable. The aromas of a home cooked meal was a tradition in her household. She would have pernil at her Nana’s house and savory collards with neck bones in her own home prepared by her mother.

Chef Lexis initially studied accounting at Baruch. While studying at Baruch her passion for cooking was waiting to be unearthed. She made a decision to pursue her calling in food. Subsequently, she enrolled in “Kingsborough’s Culinary Program” where she fell in love with the culinary industry and food all over again.

At twenty-three years old Chef Lexis opened her first bakery “Lady Lexis Sweets” in East Harlem. During that time duration she continued her education at New York City Tech. As well, she competed in pastry competitions. Growing in her notoriety Chef Lexis’ pastry skill landed her on the Food Network’s “Chopped! Sweets”. Profecting and expanding in her craft, Chef Lexis, has made appearances in Food and Wine festival, Essence, Harlem Eat Up, People Magazine, The Source Magazine, ABC News, Pix 11, NY1, and the Black Chef series.

Currently, Chef Lexis is the private chef of “Lady Lexis Kitchen”. Coining the term “Boricua Geechee Cuisine”, Chef Lexis has unearthed her signature cooking niche is the culinary industry. Boricua Geechee cuisine, a fusion of Puerto Rican and southern country food. As well, she is an educator and teaches exclusive cooking classes. She is also working to combat the stereotypes of nutrition and food in the African-American community. In addition, she conspires to spread the history of Geechee food. Presently, she has her own cooking YouTube channel & attending pop-ups serving her signature Boricua Geechee cuisine.